Shelling Pecans

Now you have your pecans cracked. The job of shelling pecans is next on the agenda. Like was mentioned on the cracking pecans page, you might want to have this done by the same folks who cracked them for you. It will save you lots of time. Otherwise, get ready for some hands-on pecan work.

This involves using your hands and/or a nut pick to separate the cracked shells from the actual meat of the nut. This may sound tedious, but it will go by faster if you have plenty of help and a good TV show on. Make sure you remove all of the shells. No one wants to bite into a nice piece of pecan pie and end up having a hard pecan shell get stuck in their teeth, or worse, chip a tooth. Once again, if this all sounds like too much work you can always have the folks who cracked the pecans for you to also shell them. This will be an additional charge though, as it requires several complex machines to accomplish the task. After you shell the pecans, you'll need to use them pretty soon, check out these pecan pie recipes or other pecan recipes, or store them.

pecan shells in pan

These are the pecan shells (and some not so good pecans) that we put in a pan while shelling.

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