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chocolate chip pecan pie

What is the best pecan pie recipe? That depends on who you ask. I like the traditional southern pecan pie recipe. But the chocolate chip pecan pie comes in a close second. This page is the opportunity for you to share your BEST or favorite pecan pie recipe with the world. You can submit your recipe (with relevant photos) directly to the site. We'll then use your submission to make a new webpage which will be linked to from this page. Your family and friends can see it too, so don't forget to spread the word!!! Check out all of the submissions, you can leave comments and feedback. Get in on the FUN!

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Angel Pecan Pie 
3 egg whites 1/4 tsp. cream of tartar 1 c. sugar 16 graham crackers or enough to equal 1 c. crushed 1 tsp.vanilla 1 c. chopped pecans Beat egg whites …

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