Pecan Sales

There are a great number of companies that are in the business of pecan sales. Some are local shelling and cracking companies who buy pecans from area folks and then sell them as bulk pecans or more on a retail level. They may even utilize the nuts to make pecan gift baskets, consisting of chocolate covered pecans, roasted pecans and praline pecans. Then there are large operations which harvest pecans from immense groves. They process the nuts, cracking, shelling and cleaning them. The pecans are then packaged and solid in retail stores or sold as wholesale pecans to other companies who will use them in their products.


So if you are looking for a source of pecan sales, check you local grocery. If you prefer something more "homegrown" you may even have a local company nearby who deals in pecans. You might even harvest your own from a neighbor's yard, paying him/her for their produce. When buying pecans you will have several choices to make. You may buy in bulk or prepackaged. They might be available as pecan halves or as pieces (basically the halves that got broken during processing). They can be purchased just as the nuts themselves, part of a gift basket or contained in another product (pies, ice cream, cakes or candy).

pecan halves

No matter whether they come from your grocery, a local company or a tree in your backyard, you can be sure that many of those pecan halves are used to make the classic pecan pie, especially during the holidays. Enjoy your pecans!

Interested in buying and selling pecans? A friend of mine is in that business. Give him a call at the number below or visit Facebook

There are a couple of great sources of pecans and pecan goodies located in my hometown of Hickman, KY. Both have been around for years and are locally owned and operated. We invite you to check out each one of them by clicking on the logos below.





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