Products offers a wide array of products. Many are pecan related. While others may not exactly fall into the category of pecan products, we are sure you will find them interesting and, if you purchase them, a valuable tool in your home.

The Pecan Broom is a great pecan picker upper. It will make picking up pecans a quick and easy task. More information.

The Reed's Rocket Nut Cracker is an old-fashioned, tried and proven method of manual pecan (and other nut) cracking. More information.


The Get Crackin' Nutcracker will crack a wide variety of nuts with a little elbow grease! More information.




The Kinetic Kracker has been around for years and is a quick method of cracking your pecans. You can crack over 1,500 pecans per hour. This electric nut cracker will not crush the pecans and will yield lots of nice halves.


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