Other Pecan Recipes

Do you have a bag or container or pecans in your freezer? Try some of the pecan recipes (click for one of my favorites, chocolate chip pecan cookies) found in this section of the nuts-about-pecans site. No pies here!

chocolate chip pecan cookies ready for the oven

When I think about non-pie, but pecan-centered recipes I am reminded of a small pecan company located nearby our home that makes great chocolate covered pecans. They taste awesome! I usually get at least one jar of them per year, as a Christmas gift, and they don't last long. I really like the sweetness of the chocolate combined with the saltiness of the toasted pecans. "Candy" like these are just one of the many things that can be "cooked".

As you might guess, there are lots of other pecan-related recipes other than the classic pecan pie. We've compiled several here. Again, as with the pie recipes, these are tried and documented by my wife, Tori. Bookmark this page, as she will be adding new recipes from time to time.

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