Buy A Pecan Nut Cracker Sheller

If you are looking to buy a pecan nut cracker sheller, has several pecan nut crackers available for purchase. Sometimes referred to as a pecan sheller, these pecan crackers are a useful tool to have in the fall and winter when it is time to crack and shell all of those pecans you've gathered using your handy pecan picker upper. There are manual and electric nut crackers. Luckily we make both types available to you. This page is devoted to the manual pecan nutcrackers, but if you would like to check out our electric versions please click here!

Reed's Rocket Nut Cracker

The Reed's Rocket Nut Cracker has been around a long time and has been used by thousands to crack pecans, english walnuts, almonds, filberts and Brazil nuts. This great device has an attractive and durable wooden base and handle. It is useful in cracking all soft shelled nuts. The opening is adjustable to accomadate different sizes and length of nuts. With a little elbow grease you won't be disappointed with the time-proven Reed's Rocket Nut Cracker. Buy yours today!

Only $20 plus shipping and handling!

Get Crackin' Nutcracker

The unique design of the Get Crackin' nutcracker allows you to crack pecans, and other soft shelled nuts, without adjustment. This nut cracker is constructed of steel so it is sure to last for years. It is capable of cracking black walnuts, but be prepared for a little extra force to get the job done.

Order one for only $44.95 plus shipping and handling!

Any of the above nut crackers will speed up your pecan cracking and shelling task this fall. Need a little more power? Check out the electric pecan crackers that we offer to our visitors!

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