Pecan Harvesting


Pecan harvesting is the yearly task that must be completed that allows us to enjoy those delicious pecan pies in the fall and winter. There are some big differences between picking up pecans from a backyard tree and a large commercial grove. We are talking about a few pounds of pecans compared to a crop of thousands of pounds.

One uses simple equipment while the other utilizes several complex pieces of machinery. So there are obvious differences. My focus here is on what I know and have experience with, and that is a "backyard" setting. I would say most folks with a pecan tree or two in their yard have seen what is often referred to as a pecan picker upperpecan harvester or pecan picker. I've used these myself and find them very helpful with the sometimes tedious task of picking up the nuts. But pecan gathering is only part of the process. I would divide the overall task into four steps:

1.) Gathering

2.) Cracking

3.) Shelling

4.) Storing

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