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You have come to the right place if you are looking to buy a pecan harvester or pecan picker upper. This year we have a great new tool. It is better than any we have seen before. What makes it so great you may ask? Well there are four main things about the Pecan Broom that make it stand above it's competitors.

1.) Its basket is built of a 1.4mm thick diameter wire. Other similar pecan picker uppers on the market use a wire of only 0.8mm thick. So the Pecan Broom has twice the wire thickness. While other pecan gatherers have wires that tend to bend over time, the Pecan Broom resists such permanent bending. What this means for you is fewer dropped pecans and a longer useful life. 

Pecan Harvester Baske
Pecan Broom

2.) This unique pecan harvester offers a feature that no competitor does, a five piece handle that can be configured to various lengths to accomodate any height. Below is a video of the handle assembly process.

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3.) Our pecan picker upper uses 2 notched side plates. This plate locks the pecan gathering basket in place, limiting movement of the wires and helping them to retain position. This feature helps make sure no pecans (or other nuts) are left behind.

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Notched Side Plat

4.) This unit is repairable. Replacement parts are available by contacting us. You can buy new side plates and wires. With a wrench and a little time you can make your Pecan Broom as good as new and ready for many more years of service.

Plus the Pecan Broom comes with an emptying bracket which can be attached to the side of a bucket to aide you in getting those fresh pecans out of the gathering basket and into your pail.

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This product is simply the BEST pecan picker upper available today! Buy a pecan harvester for yourself and for someone else. They make a great gift for anyone with a pecan tree! They save tons of time and prevent back aches!

Customer Testimonials

"That Son of a Gun [Pecan Broom] has made my job of picking up pecans soooo much easier!" - Sharon D., Louisiana, Fall 2012

"Great ,Tough Product." - Mark S., Alabama, Fall 2012

Videos of us using the Pecan Broom

With the adjustable handle length, even our 3 year old son can comfortably use the Pecan Broom!

The Pecan Broom works well in grass or on flat surfaces (such as gravel)!

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