Pecan Halves

pecan halves

Pecan halves are the much sought after "fruits of labor" of pecan harvesting. Inside each pecan shell is two halves of meat. When the pecan is cracked and then shelled the end product is the pecan half. If the pecan was processed a little roughly, you might end up with pecan pieces. These pieces are just halves that were broken into smaller chunks. Pecan halves (and pieces) have many uses, pecan pie being the fate of many of the nuts. Others are used in various types of candy. Halves may also be roasted and eaten as a snack or part of a larger dish. Sometimes these nuts find their way onto the top of divinity, which is a Christmas-time treat. Divinity was a Christmas staple at my house and at family gatherings. It's "divine". Stay tuned for my wife's latest recipe for it in our recipe section!