Types of Pecans

This section of out website is devoted to a collection of pecan pictures. We'll just continue to add to this gallery of pecan photos as time goes along. Here you will find pics of pecans of all sizes. Some long, some nearly round. There are also shots of them at various stages of growth, from tree to pie I guess. If we happen to know what type of tree they come from we will identify them. Check back often as this album grows!

There is also a collection of photos showing different pecan types. Check it out after you look over the photos on this page. The pecan tree pictures album might interest you as well. 

siamese pecan

Above is a cool picture taken in October 2010. Ethan is holding a really weird pecan. It actually looks to be two pecans fused together. Maybe Siamese pecans! 


A small cluster of pecans on the tree in late spring.


A shot of a group of pecans on a tree in our yard, taken in early August. 


Pecans and pecan halves. Click on the pic to check out our "pecan halves" page. 


Here is a picture of some of the pecans from our yard. They are in Tori's hands! 

Below are a few photos of pecans on our trees taken during mid-August.

pecan in hull
few pecans on tree
pecan picture mid august
Pecan Halves