Pecan Flooring

Pecan trees are a hardwood native to North America, specifically the Southern States. They thrive in this region and over the past few centuries pecan flooring has been a staple in hardwood flooring choices for homeowners beginning in plantation-era homes.

This type of hardwood ranges from light pale brown to a reddish-brown (caramel) in color. It makes for attractive and unique floors to fit any taste. The wood readily takes stain for finishing. These hardwood floors are notable for their strength and durability. They are rougher than most hardwood floor types and can handle lots of everyday traffic and use, even if you have kids. It is often sold with or as hickory flooring which exhibits many of the same characteristic, being of the same family.

Pecan flooring is sure to meet most any taste or style. It not only looks warm and rustic, but is also timeless and very user-friendly.

pecan flooring